Counselor Newsletter

School counselors put together a newsletter on a monthly basis to inform parents about any upcoming events, small group information, as well as details on the classroom lessons for each grade. Please see below for past newsletters!

December 2020
Take a look at our newsletter this month for details on our Fall 2020 Climate Survey! This survey allowed us to identify students perceptions of the climate and culture within our school, and better understand how your child felt about returning to school. 

November 2020
This month's newsletter outlines the CARES theme for our school (C - cooperation, A - assertion, R - responsibility, E - empathy, S - self-control). Also included is information on communication and problem solving, learned optimism, as well as tips for navigating the holidays.

October 2020
Our newsletter this month focuses on meeting the counselors! Also included are some tips for school refusal and avoidance during this time of transition that is difficult for many students.

September 2020
Welcome back! We are so excited to be back! Take a look at our newsletter to see what's new in our school counseling program! This newsletter also includes information and resources on supporting your child's mental health as they transition back to school.

Distance Learning Edition
Our newsletter for March and April focuses on COVID-19 resources, talking to your students about the pandemic and social distancing, and fun things to do during 
time away from school!

February 2020
In February, we held lessons in each classroom related to empathy. This newsletter outlines the grade-level activities, as well as information on the upcoming Global Citizenship Fair.

January 2020
Individual classroom lessons in January related to assertion. For the first time, all students in grades K-5 had a similar classroom lesson, which focused on a school-wide initiative to be an Upstander! Other big events this month included the Career Fair for 5th grade, and the Kindness Retreat for 4th graders. Read our newsletter for details!

December 2019
Our newsletter for this month focuses on supporting your child's mental health during the holidays, how to limit screen time during the winter months, as well as details on the upcoming 4th grade Kindness Retreat.

November 2019
This month we focused on self-control. Read our newsletter for details on the activities completed in each classroom this month. Details on the upcoming 5th grade Career Fair are also included!

October 2019
In October, we focused our classroom lessons on cooperation. This newsletter outlines grade-level activities, as well as details on the Fall Climate Survey that school counselors will be completing with your student.

September 2019
Welcome back! Take a look at our newsletter to see what's new in our school counseling program this year! Note that we have moved from our traditional character education to the five core social/emotional competencies as defined by Responsive Classroom.