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Annual update
At the beginning of each school year we ask parents and guardians to update their information in the Infinite Campus parent portal. This includes reviewing important contact information as well as providing information which the Minnesota Department of Education uses for planning purposes. Please take a few minutes to review the Annual Update in your Parent Portal account.
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A Learner-Centered Community

The mission of Riverview Elementary School, a learner-centered community that transforms the future of learning, is to ensure each individual continuously grows emotionally, socially, and academically to have a positive impact in their communities through:

  • Honoring the diverseness of our communities
  • Learning experiences driven by passions, sparks, and interests 
  • Reflection on the learning process and real-life experiences
  • Collaborative relationships, trust, and open communication

Our Objectives:

  • Each learner continuously demonstrates academic and personal growth.
  • Each learner develops the skills to understand how they learn best.
  •  Each learner possesses the skills to advocate for themselves and others. 
  • Each learner continuously explores personal interests and passions to drive their learning.

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