Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available to students to address your child’s needs, concerns and other barriers to learning (e.g. anxiety, difficulty with peers, family change, etc.). These sessions are conducted one-on-one with the school counselor, typically once per week. These sessions are short-term in nature, and are utilized to address any immediate needs and subsequently monitor student progress. Individual counseling referrals for students can be made through the request of a student, parent, or teacher. Should a student need on-going therapy, a referral can be made to an outside mental health provider. See attached for our district-wide list of resources for outside counseling and/or evaluations.

We also partner with the Associated Clinic of Psychology (ACP), which provides school-based mental health services. A therapist can typically work with your child at school during the school day to help them reach their goals. A self-referral can be made directly to ACP, or you can reach out to Mrs. Alladin or Mrs. Felipe to make a referral on your behalf.