A Learner-Centered Community

The mission of Riverview Elementary School, a learner-centered community that transforms the future of learning, is to ensure each individual continuously grows emotionally, socially, and academically to have a positive impact in their communities through:

  • Honoring the diverseness of our communities
  • Learning experiences driven by passions, sparks, and interests 
  • Reflection on the learning process and real-life experiences
  • Collaborative relationships, trust, and open communication

Our Objectives:

  • Each learner continuously demonstrates academic and personal growth.
  • Each learner develops the skills to understand how they learn best.
  •  Each learner possesses the skills to advocate for themselves and others. 
  • Each learner continuously explores personal interests and passions to drive their learning.
Shawn Peck - Principal  
Sally VanValkenburg - Administrative Assistant  651-460-1604
Jen Cole - Administrative Assistant  651-460-1605
Nicole Filipe - School Counselor  651-460-1603
Jessica Alladin - School Counselor   651-460-1647 
Lisa Klemmensen - School Nurse 
Lindsay Bednar - CAC  651-460-1629

Attendance calls
 – please call the attendance line @ 651-460-1605.  

If you have questions only the nurse can answer – please call her directly.  
Information we need on absences if it is from an illness (per Minnesota Dept. of Health) – symptoms: temperature, cough, sore throat, stomach ache, vomiting, and diarrhea.  
Students must be free from fever (without Tylenol/Advil – fever reducers) for 24 hours before returning to school, also 24 hrs. w/o diarrhea.

Other absences: medical appointment, family vacation (absence waiver must be filled out and turned in five days prior to vacation), funerals.

If your child will be tardy for any of the above reasons please call the school before 7:20 am.  If your child arrives late or leaves early a parent/guardian needs to sign into the office.