How are students referred to work with the school counselors? 
Parents and teachers can contact the school counselors to refer a student. Students can self-refer by filling out a slip outside the school counselor's office or stopping by. 

Will I be notified if my child meets with the school counselors? 
The school counselors meet with students Monday-Friday 8:30-3:00. The counselor will notify a parent if the counselor believes a child is at risk of or has already harmed him or herself or is at risk of harming someone else. 

When are the school counselors available to meet with parents and students? 
The counselors are generally at RVES Monday-Friday 7:30-3:30. While parents should contact the school counselor immediately if an emergency has occurred, appointments are helpful.  The counselors can be reached at the following numbers: (651)460-1647 for Mrs. Alladin and (651)460-1643 for Mrs. Felipe.

What are the school counselor's responsibilities and qualifications? 
School counselors have a master's degree in school counseling. In addition, they are licensed as K-12 School Counselors through the Minnesota Department of Education. 

School counselors in the elementary setting provide prevention and intervention services in the academic, social/emotional and career domains. Services include whole-school character education, preventative classroom guidance lessons and psychoeducational groups. School Counselors also provide short-term solution-focused interventions for individual students. 

Are school counselors the same as therapists? 
No. School counselors are not trained or licensed to perform therapy. While short-term individual support may be provided by the school counselors, parents may seek outside mental health counseling from a licensed mental health practitioner in the community. A list of community agencies is available in the school counseling office. 

I want to have my child evaluated for a 504 Accommodation Plan or Special Education services. What should I do? 
Parents should first meet with their child's classroom teacher to discuss concerns. Teachers may then refer the child to the school's Intervention Team, which is co-led by the school counselors. 

What is a 504 Accommodation Plan? 
If a child's disability substantially limits them in performing one or more major life activities, he or he may qualify for a 504 Plan. 504 Plans identify accommodations that can be made in the school to ensure the child's disability is not preventing him or her from participating in school and school-related activities. 

If you would like your child evaluated for a 504 plan, first talk to your child's teacher. He or she will have knowledge about the impact your child's disability has on various life activities. Additional information can also be provided by the school counselors. 

What is Riverview's Bullying Prevention and Intervention Policy? 
Bullying is not tolerated at RVES. If a child is being repeatedly targeted by a fellow RVES student, immediately notify the principal Dr. Grengs or assistant principal Ms. Lippert. The school district's discipline policy will be utilized in bullying situations. This policy outlines consequences for bullying that occurs at school. 

If your child is being bullied on the bus, contact Marschall Lines. If your child is being bullied at Kid Connection, please notify a Kid Connection staff immediately. 

K-5 Students at RVES are taught strategies they can use if they witness or experience repeated bullying. In addition, RVES's strong focus on character education gives students the skills and reinforcement to demonstrate great character and make good choices. Furthermore, all staff are trained annually on the district's bullying prevention policy. 

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